Ingredients Traceability

Bakery operating without MES system relied on consumption and ingredients traceability information stored in ERP system manually, assisted by predefined settings in Bill of Material module of the ERP. ERP system foreseen a single pickup location of raw materials for each product.

In many cases, material was actually picked in different locations than those defined in ERP, so backflush method in use would report shortage in one place, and ERP users had to find out what exactly happened, and fill in missing information manually. Many times, there was not enough information to determine exact pickup location, so it was filled randomly. This was creating an obvious error in the reported ingredient list of the finished goods.

By introducing labeled containers that were scanned when loading in particular silos, and again when unloading the containers into the production process, and reporting actual consumed amounts instead of BoM defaults, stock level issue was fully eliminated, and traceability finally correct.