Manufacturing is changing at a different pace than information technology. Each manufacturing organization develops a distinctive business and manufacturing process over the years, which can not be changed as quickly as supporting IT. By keeping customers’ specifics in our focus, we are willing to adapt to existing processes, while keeping open options for future improvements. 

In order to do our best, our first task is to learn about our customers’ business and manufacturing:

In the next step we learn about existing control systems, connectivity options, available data and existing IT infrastructure. 

From there, we can make proposal for the improvements, which might range from connecting one or two machines (e.g. connecting weighing scale to packing machine and warehouse), to building up set of user interfaces in charge of production order visibility, and capturing of raw material consumption or waste recording, all the way to the full MES solution integrated with LIMS, ERP and cloud solution for long term storage and analyzing process and quality data in a real time.