SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a system used in manufacturing for acquiring measurements of process variables and machine states, and for performing regulatory or machine control across a process area or work cell.

In the realm of industrial operations, OT (operation technology), SCADA systems play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and control by enabling real-time monitoring, process optimization, and effective data management. While traditional SCADA solutions emphasize human supervision through extensive visualizations, algorithm-first SCADA (af-SCADA) solutions offer a more automated approach that leverages intelligent algorithms to supervise and control processes.

Our expertise lies in creating af-SCADA solutions that seamlessly connect software engineering expertise with automation principles. Our experienced engineers meticulously design and develop robust SCADA systems that not only function effectively but also integrate with existing infrastructure and processes.

af-SCADA solutions stand out from traditional SCADA alternatives in several key ways:

af-SCADA systems are designed to leverage intelligent algorithms to supervise and control processes while still providing human operators with the ability to provide oversight, guidance, and intervention when necessary. This human-augmented approach ensures that processes are optimized while still maintaining human control, leading to improved efficiency, safety, and reliability in industrial operations.